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Monday, December 5, 2016

My New TV

I was so excited to get my sewing room in order.  I was looking at the cabinet where my little 13" TV was and thought it looked a little sad.  I bought it after I moved into my house in 2000 and it has been nice to have over the years while I quilt.  I did a little research decided to take advantage of the after Thanksgiving sales. 

My last post shows the picture of my new TV.  It's 39" with Roku built in.  With the Roku and my rabbit ears (no cable box in this room) I'm able to pick up quite a lot.  I can get all of my local channels plus FOX, the CW, and two PBS channels (plus more I'm sure I'm forgetting).  Right now I'm watching FlossTube on the YouTube TV app which is a great inspiration!  

I'm actually considering cutting the cord and doing away with cable.  I have found that I can actually get most of the cable channels I might want to watch with either SlingTV or PlayStation Vue.  While I don't have a PlayStation, they have an app available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  There is also a DVR that would allow me to record local TV and then watch it through an app on my other TV's.  I'm in the beginning stage of thinking of the process so if anyone has any experience with cutting the cord, please let me know.  

I also wanted to show what else I have bee working on besides stitching and quilting. I have quite a stash of beads and charms, so recently I started making scissor fibs.  Here are a few of the ones I have made so far.  I've been having fun love having 4 or 5 hanging on my scissors to give them a little bling.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Sounds like a great set-up.
    We're thinking of cutting the cord also.
    Getting too expensive, and not enough good shows to justify paying all that each month. We'll have to check into Roku.
    The fobs are so pretty.

  2. We cut the cord three years ago. Roku only for us. No SlingTv or any additionals for us. We have only basic. It is liberating to NOT be ripped off.