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Saturday, July 25, 2015

More Samplers Back from the Framer

As some of you know, I tend to go in waves with my framing.  Since I have been traveling for needlework classes from April through last weekend, I was waiting to frame some pieces in order to even out the cash flow.  These two samplers have been in my drawer patiently waiting their turn.  

Miss Baxter's House from Stacy Nash caught my eye as soon as she released it.  It was a must have and immediately went to the top of the stitching rotation.  I have used this frame set before for my Blackbird Design pieces as it works so well with primitive samplers.   

I love the chickens, rooster and the bee skip on this sampler.  

The next sampler was a Mystery Sampler from Norden Crafts from a few years ago.  They typically release their mystery samplers in three parts over a period of time.  I will admit that I did not fall in love with this when it first came out.  The main reason was that the picture on the front of the chart was a section of the original sampler that did not lend itself well to being photographed.   Then I saw someone's sampler in progress and I had to have it.  This has been in the drawer for a couple of years..."Margaret Cottam" from La-D-Da.  

I used the same outer frame, but added a different fillet.

My next round of framing will be heading out to Utah in a few weeks with my BFF Janie to go to see what Jill Rensel can do with them.  I may take a few over to Hobby Lobby while I wait for their return as Jill's turn-around-time will likely be a few months.  That will be my early Christmas present to myself.

Best Stitches,


  1. Both framed pieces look lovely! I have used something similar to your base frame for several pieces. Thanks for the idea of adding a fillet. Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Love both of them! Can't wait to see the next round.

  3. These are so pretty.
    Congrats on your finishes and getting them framed.