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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Catherine Theron Updates and Happy 4th of July

Over the last year I have taken 2 Catherine Theron classes and received my 2015 guild project.  This year I took the Americana Sewing Roll class.  Here is a peek of the project model.  I love the Florentine pattern on the back!

Prior to stitching this piece, I decided that I needed to make some progress on this year's guild project and last year's class piece.  I am almost done stitching the Winter Strawberries Needle Roll (guild project).  I still have to Nun Stitch the needle pages and stitch the side portion for the pin cushion, but otherwise I am about ready to start putting it together.  When I was in class a few weeks ago, I saw someone's finished piece where they had filled in around the words "Needles" and "Scissors" with the Basket Weave stitch instead of the Tent stitch.  This gave the direction of the stitches a nice diagonal flow instead of the horizontal stripiness that is common with overdyed floss.     

Scissor Fob (left) and Pin Cushion (right)

I am also working on the Stitcher's Envelope from class last year.  I just love the vines of strawberries in the piece.  They are stitched with Smyrna's for a little extra dimension.  I am in the process of filling in with Tent stitches which just takes time.  

I was going through my Chessie and Me project file the other day and came across this little piece "Glory House".  A perfect project for Independence Day!!  It was such a quick stitch.  Stitched on Lakeside linen with Belle Soie silks - all kitted.  I love stitching with Belle Soie - it doesn't shred like other silks I have worked with (i.e. Gloriana).  I haven't decided what it wants to be yet.  I'm thinking a scissor case vs. pin cushion, but I haven't decided for sure.  

The other thing I have been working on is finishing the inside of My Lady's Work Box and the smalls from the class I took with Ellen Chester 2 years ago.  I hope to have pictures soon.  

Best Stitches,