I have several interests to share through this blog including my love of needlework, quilting, cooking, and my pets, Molly and Butterscotch. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with adding to most of these areas over time. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Cartonnage Weekend, a Finish and a New Toy for Molly

This past weekend I invited my BFF Janie over for an afternoon of Cartonnage.  We had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant with our friend Laura, and then the 3 of us headed to my house.  Laura stitched while Janie and I glued our little hearts out.  

I have taken a few classes from a local Cartonnage teacher/designer Claudia Squio.  She has designed some of the most clever pieces for those of us who sew or do needlework.  Over the last several months I have collected some kits from her to do myself at home.  

The process started with covering my kitchen table with craft paper to protect it from the glue.  My kitchen island was set up as the cutting station.  I should have taken pictures of the set up, but didn't think of it at the time.  Here are the fruits of my labors.

Sewing Kit

Tool Box - closed

Tool Box - opened

Front center - Post-it Note cover with the whole collection together.  The front left hand piece is a scissor case I made a few months ago.  

I completed the sewing kit and Post-It Note piece on Saturday, and the Tool Box was a 2-day project for Sunday and Monday.  

I also finished a piece this week - Quaker Garden from Blackbird Designs.  It is stitched on 30 count Garden State Java with the called for threads, only with a couple of changes.  I did not like how the Shaker White looked inside the birds outlined in Dolphin, so I stitched both birds in just the Dolphin.  I also stitched the flowers on the vine in the lower right side in the solid Red Pear.  

Now I have to decide what to stitch next.  I really should get started on my Catherine Theron "Winter Strawberries Roll" that is a guild project, but there are a couple of other calling my name too.   

Molly also wanted to show off her new toy.  Her very favorite toy is a squeaky rubber chicken that her Aunt Kate got her a few years ago.  I tracked down the manufacturer and was able to get another toy from Amazon that I thought would be as good, but it does not have the same squeak capability as it is a bit bigger than the chicken and the rubber is a little harder.  She still loves it anyway and wanted to make sure to show everyone.

Happy Stitching,