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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Fine and Fancy Tulip Tray

I'm a bit behind with this posting.  In March, I had the pleasure of taking two classes with Sherri Jones for her weekend with the High Grove Stitchers hosted by Nancy Piercy.  This was my first class with Sherri and she did not disappoint.  Pre-stitching was required for this class and I am happy to report that I had all of my pre-stitching completed for this piece.  In fact, one of the five pockets I stitched twice as I mistakenly stitched the wings of the swan in Tent Stitch instead of the charted Wide Gobelin.  I decided to forge ahead and see if I liked the wings any better when I got to the Pyn Cushion and Needle Case.  The Wide Gobelin made a huge difference in the texture of the wings, making it look like there were feathers.  Fortunately I had enough linen left over to re-stitch the panel over using the correct stitch.  

Here is the finished tray... 

...and here is the finished tray along with the Pyn Cushion, Pyn Tower, Tulip Needle Case and Velvet Berry.  

I also took her Lounging Hare class; however I have nothing to report there.  I have been busy with other projects including pre-stitching for another class so I have not had a chance to stitch any more for Lounging Hare.  

Best Stitches,


  1. The Tulip Tray is beautiful.

  2. This is lovely. So my colors. The velvet berry is really cool too. I need to make one just like that one. ;)

  3. So pretty! Your work is exquisite!!