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Monday, May 4, 2015

50th Anniversary Trip - Williamsburg and Stratford Hall

The 2nd part of our trip was to leave from Virginia Beach and drive up to Colonial Williamsburg on Sunday April 26th.  

I had been to Williamsburg about 20 years or so ago, but Kate had never been.  It was so relaxing to walk through the streets with the restored homes, Governor's Palace and Capitol Building.  Here are a few photos of our tour of Colonial Williamsburg.  

We also were able to spend time in the museum and saw some gorgeous antique samplers.  This one was my favorite.

Part of the journey for our 50th Year Friendship Anniversary was to explore our heritage.  Kate is a descendant of the Robert E. Lee family.  We visited Stratford Hall along the Potomac River on Monday the 27th.  This was the home that Robert E. Lee was born in.  The land was purchased by his father in 1717, and the great house was built between 1730 and 1738. Here is more information on Stratford Hall:  http://www.stratfordhall.org/

It was a beautiful spring day and the gardens were so lush and green.  We even had a little tour guide through part of the gardens.  She followed us through much of the cooks garden.  

Tomorrow I'll post on our journey through Pennsylvania Dutch country, Lancaster and York.

Best Stitches,


  1. I have never been here. You have got me interested!

  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing them.

  3. What wonderful pictures! I love Williamsburg, but have only been in the fall and winter. Need to plan a spring time trip. Wow, what a gorgeous sampler you shared.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. I've never been...it is my dream to go! The only Williamsburg "claim to fame" I have is: I applied to college at William and Mary and was accepted! HA HA! I loved the picture walk!