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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

50th Anniversary Trip - PA Dutch Country, Lancaster and York

After leaving Stratford Hall, we made a brief stop for some wine tasting at Ingleside Vinyard.  (www.inglesidevineyards.com/).  We each bought a bottle of wine, and then headed north to spend the night in Pennsylvania Dutch country in Paradise, PA.  

We stayed at the Best Western Revere Inn in Paradise, PA which is located behind the historic Revere Tavern, built in 1740:  www.reveretavern.com/.  Dinner was absolutely delicious, and then we relaxed for the rest of the evening in our comfortable rooms.  Mine hosted a king bed with sofa and recliner ~ one of the best hotel stays on our trip.  

The next day we headed out to visit Sylvia Petershiem's Quilts, my favorite place to buy Amish hand made quilts that are hand quilted.  I have bought a couple of quilts from her previously 20 or so years ago and after finding out that they will be retiring in the next year or so, decided to by one more.  I bought a gorgeous Maryland Star quilt in navy and gold tones.  It will be my Autumn quilt as I have one for each of the other seasons.    

Next we headed up to Great Windsor Chairs in Lititz.  I have seen their chairs online and fell in love, but wanted to visit them in person to see what looked and left the best in person.  While I did not buy one on this trip, I see one in my future.  
Sack-Back with Comb Windsor Armchair

This one caught my eye, but I prefer the style of arm below versus the paddle style in the picture above.  

Nearby was a nice antique mall that we explored, a family style restaurant that we had lunch at, and a candy store where I bought part of my dog sitting gifts.  We headed south to downtown Lititz to go through Days Gone By Creations, then down to Lancaster to Stitches Unlimited.  Both places have been mentioned by Nan from Threadwork Primitives.  

Our final stop for the day was in York, PA where we booked our room for the night.  The highlight of this part of the trip was the restaurant next door that caught our eye...Quaker Steak and Lube.  The food was excellent paired nicely with a glass of cold beer.  

Tomorrow's blog will move on to our visit to Littlestown and Gettysburg.

Best Stitches,


  1. It sounds like you are taking in a lot pf great sites.
    That quilt is gorgeous!
    Have fun!

  2. The Lancaster area is another favorite of mine, as well as Paradise and Intercourse ;) Great trip!
    the quilt is absolutely stunning! Not a quilter, but luckily my MIL is and she does nothing but hand-quilts and she does stunning work!