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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

50th Anniversary Trip ~ Littlestown and Gettysburg

The next part of our trip was set to travel to Littletown, Pa when my ancestors settled in 1735.  My 8th great-grandfather traveled from Germany and settled in Germantown, PA in the late 1600's and moved his family to York County in 1735 in order to purchase farm land.  Through a genealogy paper I received from my Mom many years ago, I was able to track the location of the grave of my 7th great grandfather in Christ Church cemetery near Littlestown through Find-a-Grave.com.  I was also able to obtain a copy of a 600 + page book of the family line that provided maps of the family farms.  Here are some of the pictures from that part of the trip:

Site of the original church preserved in the form of a park

Current church 

Preserved tombstone of my 7th great grandfather.
The text is in German

Another family member dating back to 1826 ~
text is also in German.  

Revolutionary War honor is placed on both of their graves

In addition, I snagged some phlox growing wild in the grass near my 7th great grandfather's grave that I am planting in my garden.

We left Littlestown to continue our journey on to Gettysburg.  We started with the visitor's center and watched the film, viewed the cyclorama, and went through the museum.  The best part was the cyclorama which was painted after the Civil War and opened to the public in Chicago in 1883.  Here are a couple of photos and the link for information on the painting - www.nps.gov/gett/learn/historyculture/gettysburg-cyclorama.htm  

We then headed out for the driving tour of the battlefield.  Here are a few of my favorite photos.  

Tomorrow I'll end with the remainder of the trip and the return home.

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  1. That's great that you found graves of your family members.
    The Gettysburg pics are great. Love the sculptures.

  2. What a lovely trip...and to see your forefather's graves...
    I love Gettysburg, have been there twice in my life. We went just 4 years ago and the new visitor's center was open. If I would have known you were going I would have told you to eat in town at the train car diner...Absolutely delicious and have the BEST PIE!!