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Sunday, May 3, 2015

50th Anniversary Trip Begins

On Thursday, April 23rd, my lifelong friend Kate and I started our journey on our trip to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our friendship.  We met 50 years ago this summer when I was 5 and she was 4.  Her grandparents lived across the street from the house I grew up in and Kate would spend part of the summer with her grandparents every summer.  We have kept in touch over the last many years through college, my marriage/divorce, living in various states including WI, IN, IL, KS, SC, and CA, and many other life changes.  It is rare to have a friendship last that long, and remain true and steadfast over the years.  We have been there for each other through the celebrations and the hard times.  Mostly we have just enjoyed spending time together over the years sharing many of the same hobbies that we developed an interest in separately.  This trip ended up encompassing many of those interests...

We left for the first leg of our trip to head toward Virginia Beach, VA for the Dyeing to Stitch class with Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers.  We stayed the first night outside of Lynchburg, VA at the B&B - Speed the Plough.  We took State Rt. 130 out of Glasgow, VA on our way to the B&B which is a very windy, twisty road going up and down the mountainside and followed along the James River on some spots.  Kate had a great time driving while I managed to not get car sick.  Our hosts were Lori and Rowland Girling.  http://www.speedtheploughbb.com/.  

These are the pictures of our rooms.  Kate had the Blue Room...

...and I had the Rose Room

They were as comfortable as they were beautiful.  We had a wonderful dinner that evening at The Depot Grille in Lynchburg, VA.  http://depotgrille.com/lynchburg/.  The food was wonderful and atmosphere was befitting of the historic and relaxed nature of our trip.  

Later than evening we exchanged gifts.  Kate surprised me with a memory box filled with little notes with 50 different memories over the past 50 years.  Such a thoughtful gift - I will treasure it always! 

The next morning following a wonderful breakfast, Rowland took us on a tour of the house and the grounds.  The home was built in 1850 and the property has been in his family since 1915.  This is an aerial picture of the property that has been colorized and enhanced.  It's a beautiful property of 300 acres with several out buildings.  

We finished the trek to VA Beach on Friday the 24th to start with the open house at Dyeing to Stitch.  We were greeted by Paulette who is such a sweet lady.  It was great to see her again and she is always so gracious.  These are a couple of her new designs that I picked up at the shop. 

We also received our registration gift at the shop that is a lovely pin cushion that I couldn't resist starting that very night.  It's not done yet, but it will be as soon as I get home. 

The class was held on Saturday, April 25th.  Here is the picture of the class piece - "The American Sampler".  It is my favorite of everything that Paulette has designed so far.  There are so many wonderful elements to the piece.  The three flags represent three of the founding fathers born in VA - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; the dogwood to the right of the house is the state flower, the cardinal is the state bird, and "Sic, Semper Tyrannis" is the VA state motto meaning "thus always to tyrants".

We had our class in the morning, and gathered together for lunch after class with the whole group.  During the afternoon, Kate and I drove over to the Atlantic Ocean.  Even though it was rainy and chilly, it didn't dampen our spirits.  I managed to get my feet in the Atlantic Ocean, all be it with my shoes on. 

This is Kate holding the umbrella so I could get pictures of the ocean and beach without getting rained on - such a great friend!

The evening ended with many of us gathering for dinner at the Baker's Crust near the hotel.  

Tomorrow, I'll post more about the next leg of our trip ~ Williamsburg and Stratford Hall. 

Best Stitches,


  1. Can't wait to hear more. Sounds like it was a fabulous trip!

  2. What a great trip and memory.
    The Memory box is a great idea and unique gift.
    Can't wait to see more.

  3. How completely awesome. Kate's gift is so thoughtful and sweet.

  4. What a wonderful adventure and what a beautiful seminar piece from Paulette! Looking forward to your next entry of your friendship anniversary road trip!

    Robin in Virginia