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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hording and Spring Cleaning - Confessions of a Needleworker

For those of you that have been to my house, you know how orderly things are...typically.  There is one room in my house where few have ventured - the sewing room.  This room has been a work in progress since I moved in.  I have moved it to a different guest room, then back again; rearranged it (with the help of some good looking Firemen from a local mover for an "in house" move from a local moving company); sorted, purged, etc. - all over the course of the past 15 years.  

It is now really out of control and I plan to get some order to things once and for all!  These pictures serve as my confessional.  I am in the process of spring cleaning this room and this is what I am starting with...

As I walk in the door I am greeted by this - 

You can see my little work table to the left with the bag of polyfill I used to stuff some needle rolls a few months ago.  I have a little pile of tiny blocks that I am cutting down to size for a small wall quilt, my embroidery sewing machine, and the box next to my sewing machine cabinet is a new, unopened serger that I need to unpack and learn to use.

On the left is my sewing machine that I use regularly for piecing quilts and sewing pin cushions/needle rolls/scissor fobs/etc.  The tall bookcase to the right of the sewing machine has assorted quilt block kits on the top 2 shelves, needlework magazines on the 3rd shelf, romance novels on the bottom 2 shelves.  In front of the tall bookcase is a sewing chest topped with magazines that need to be filed or purged.  The short book shelf has more needlework magazines on the bottom shelf, plus Rachael Ray magazines; the top shelf has assorted trims and do-dads in the pink storage drawers; assorted silk floss in the boxes to the right of that.  The Vera Bradley bag on the lower right has various WIP's.

My cutting table with various piles and baskets with a small open area where I cut my most recent block for a monthly quilt block project just last night.  I use this area for ironing; in the back are baskets with various quilt patterns and kits; the front right includes mostly projects that are stitched and waiting to be finished.  

On the floor between the cutting table and the tall bookcase are kitted projects ready (and willing) to be stitched.  It includes two of the GPA (Guilia Punti Antichi) dolls.  The top shelf of the bookcase has a basket of tools that I use when sewing and embroidery software; second shelf has a collection of quilting and needlework books; third shelf is mostly quilting patterns; fourth shelf has miscellaneous books; and the fifth shelf has more Rachael Ray and needlework magazines.

The closet - need I say more...

New purchases waiting to be put away - lots of Shepherd's Bush, Stacy Nash, wool, etc.

The start of my spring cleaning...

This stack of magazines are going to a new home.  I went through all of them and kept only the charts that I really liked.  These include Cross Stitch and Country Crafts, For the Love of Cross Stitch, and duplicate Fine Lines magazines.  I still have to go through my Just Cross Stitch magazines.  

The keepers - these groups are just too special to part with.  

...and these are keepers too.  I know that Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly has past issues on DVD, but I have less than 20 copies and they are so nice to look at still.   

Overall, not a bad start.  Wish me luck in this adventure.  I will share photos as I make progress.  

Best stitches,