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Thursday, March 12, 2015

They have arrived!!!

I got the call that my pieces were finished and ready to ship from Jill Rensel.  I received them on Friday the 6th and could not wait to get that package open as fast as I could.  If anyone has ever received a package from her studio, you know that it is not a fast process.  Everything is secure as nails in those boxes.  

These are the pictures they took at the studio.  I defer to those as the ones I can take are with glass and you lose detail behind the glass with a photo.  I also delayed posting these until today as I wanted to take them to stitch group with me and didn't want anyone to get a sneak peek (except for my BFF Janie).  

The first one is the "Needleworker Sampler" from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I fell in love with the frame and felt it really enhanced the sampler.  I love the folk-artsy painting on the frame.  Since I picked this one out, I saw examples of what Jill has done with doing her signature painting, only on the frame for those with no mats.  I may have her do something in the future for me like that.

This second one is "Three Ships" from Shepherds Bush.  It was the retreat sampler from their 2012 retreat.  Jill did a fabulous job hand painting these mats!!  She brought out all of the special elements from the sampler...as she always does!   

I am thrilled beyond words and can't wait to get another batch ready to send to her.  I will probably wait until July when Janie takes a trip out to see family and have her hand deliver them.  They would probably be safe in the mail, but not sure I want to risk it.  

Happy Stitching!


  1. These are both beautiful finishes.
    Love the painting on the Needlework Sampler frame.

  2. Oh wow! So lovely. Just perfect.