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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Fold - Parts 1, 2, and 3 - plus needle rolls

When Shepherd's Bush announced that they were going to do a six part series with a sewing box and smalls, I knew I had to have it.  First - the color palette is me, second - it's a sewing box with smalls and third - it's Shepherds Bush!

At first I thought I could do without the expensive box from Lone Elm.  Then I saw a couple of finishes on Facebook where they had used another medium and it just didn't feel right to me.  I saw the box in person from my BFF Janie and ordered it from Tina and Teri along with some trinkets to go inside.  

I posted pictures of parts 1 and 2 on August 10th.  I finished stitching part 3 a few weeks ago and gave it to my friend Karen who finished the box lid for me.  I have seen pictures of it finished as a pillow and it is just so big.  I saw it finished to fit in the bottom and knew that was the right way for me.  

Front Side

Back Side

All three together
  And of course we have some trinkets to go inside...

Now onto the needle book.  My friend Cathy Boyd has a great idea to finish the needle book as a wallet type finish instead of the way it is originally finished.  I will have to see what she does and decide from there.  She is a fabulous finisher and is so clever with how she does things.  That is the benefit to not finishing everything first - I get to see what everyone else does and decide from there.  

Two more SB finishes that are not part of the Fold:   

I finished this needle roll for my other BFF Kate for part of our annual Christmas exchange.

English Christmas Cushion

I was into the spirit of needle rolls, so I finished another shortly thereafter (although not in season...).  

Halloween Needle Roll
...and am well on my way to finishing a third one.  We'll just have to wait until a later time once I have that finished.  I have a stack of pieces in the sewing room that are waiting for me to do another finishing weekend here at home.     

One more posting tomorrow, and then I think I am caught up...at least until my framing order arrives from Jill Rensel in the next week or two.  I took a couple of pieces with me to the Shepherd's Bush retreat for her to frame for me.

Best stitches,


  1. Beautiful finishes all!! Good choice to get that box. I'm sure you will be happy with it! Laura

  2. What a beautiful set, goodies and all.
    Great stitching and finishing.
    The Needlerolls are too pretty also.