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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Beekeepr

Once again - the bee skip just draws me in.  This was a Nashville market exclusive kit from a couple of years ago.  I was lucky enough to get it for 20% off at Stitchville at their Spring Fling in 2014.  

This is a sampler that is going to get the Jill Rensel touch.  She framed it for another customer and I fell in love with the way she did the matting.  The overall effects was stunning.  To see what I am talking about, go to her blog post from August 6, 2014 @ http://renselstudio.blogspot.com/

While I love the way this turned out, I did not love the linen choice in the kit.  It fought me the whole time as it was so stiff and hard on the floss.  A couple of the colors would just shred if I wasn't careful.  I ended up waxing the floss to give it some extra strength.

Until tomorrow...will it be The Fold or Sampler Hill?  We'll just have to wait and see!  

Best Stitches, 


  1. Oh this is wonderful! Cannot wait to see what Jill does with this one.

  2. This is very darling! I have it in my stash, not a stitch placed :(

  3. I have this in my stash, and thanks for the advice about using wax. Yours is lovely...and will be wonderful framed.