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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sampler Hill

I just finished Sampler Hill from With Thy Needle and Thread last night, so this is hot off the iron - literally.  Once again, the bee skip theme drew me in.  the linen is Cornsilk from Weeks Dye Works and while it probably doesn't come off as anything except the usual beige color in my photos, in person it has a beautiful yellowish cast that just glows.  If you decide to stitch this, one change that I made was to use DMC Ecru in place of Classic Colorworks Eggshell.  I did a direct comparison at my LNS and just did not see the variation in the Eggshell even when I held it right next to the Ecru skein.  The other change that I did (I did this with Miss Baxter's House as well) was to use 35 count instead of the 30 count that was used for the original.  (Miss Baxter's House called for 32 count Beige which was impossible to find at the time, plus I like the look of the smaller count linen with 1 strand).  

 I think I am pretty well caught up with posting my finishes for the winter so far.  It has been so cold that it has been nice to stay in and cocoon myself in my stitching chair.  

WIP's include:

  • pre-stitching for a class with Sherri Jones in three weeks - "A Fine and Fancy Tulip Tray".  I have all five sides, plus the bottom done for that.  I just need to work on the smalls that go inside.  
  • the most recent installment from Notforgotten Farm's Little Stitches Handwork Club
  • part 4 of The Fold
  • Sampler Roll from La-D-Da - I just need to chart out and stitch my name on that one, then put it in the finishing pile
I now need to decide what next larger piece I am going to start....

Til later...when I get my framed samplers back from Jill Rensel,


  1. Wonderful finish! I like to stitch on high count linen with one thread too! Makes everything so cute and small!! Laura

  2. Very beautiful Sue, this one, I have loved ever since I spied it with my little eye last summer :) nice job! You are right, no variation in Eggshell...I usually substitute too!

  3. I think I have this in my stash. Why haven't I stitched it yet? I'm envious of your finish. It's beautiful!