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Thursday, March 26, 2015

More Framing

I just got three more pieces back from the framer tonight.  I am on a framing kick now that I have my wonderful samplers back from Jill Rensel.  

Two of the three samplers are ones that I had framed about 20 years ago when I was framing on a budget.  I wanted to give them the Jill Rensel matting touch and cannot imagine framing a Shepherd's Bush piece without it now.  I have one set of before and after pictures, but not the other.  

It's amazing what a difference it makes.  I did a terrible job ordering the mats for The Promise.  I used to mail order mats and frames and do it myself.  The terrible matting has bugged me all of this time and it makes a huge difference with the right touch.   

"The Promise" - before

"The Promise" - after

"Road to Bethlehem" had previously been framed with rounded top and bottom mat in a dark smokey blue with a dark gold painted poplar frame.  I decided to frame RTB and The Promise this time with the same frames as the mat sets coordinate so well that the new framing tie them together.  They are hanging next to each other in my bedroom.  

"Road to Bethlehem - after

The third sampler is "Autumn Blessings".  I bought the mat set when I was at Jill Rensel's studio in 2012 for the Shepherds Bush retreat with the plan to stitch this sampler.  I finally finished it.  Unfortunately there is too much glare to get a good photo.  It is framed in a similar fashion to the other two, but with different moldings.  

I'm now working on "The Queen Bee Sampler" from Shepherd's Bush.  I will have it finished in time for my friend Janie to take out with her to Utah in July to Jill Rensel.  I may be able to get a second one stitched by then to send along with a few others that I have in my finished pile that are calling for her special touch.  I guess that will be my Merry Christmas 2015.     

Happy Stitching,