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Monday, October 13, 2014

Shepherds Bush Retreat 2014

Janie and I headed out again for our biannual Shepherds Bush retreat at o'dark-thirty Saturday morning.  Our first stop as tradition was Titus Bakery in Lebanon.  One of my selections for breakfast was their pumpkin spice cake donut.  I am an addict of anything pumpkin spice.  

We drove to Cozad, NE for our first nights stay.  The drive was most pleasant as Janie bought a new Escape for our trip west.  The next day we made our traditional stop at Rock Srpings, WY for Janie's favorite...Taco Time.  

The most adventure we have had so far on the trip was the snow flurries we encountered in Western Wyoming with the temperature down to 34 degrees...bbbbbrrrrrrrr.

Today we spent the day with Janie's Mom Esther and her sister Julie.  We had a nice lunch and finished up a little shopping in preparation for the retreat.  I was able to find one of those big wicked green metal hands that has sold out at our are Hobby Lobby stores.  I will post a picture later.

I spent a lot of time preparing for the retreat to make some gifts for a few friends that we have met across the miles.  In addition to making home made Pumpkin Fudge, I made a few gifts including bookmarks made on my Babylock...

Wool needle books...

...and I had these project bags made for Janie and I for the retreat by Faye Rigsbee, aka Carolina Stitcher.  

In addition to the hand makes above, I made a pin cushion for the exchange that they are having at the retreat to raise money for the Heifer Project.  Here is mine to exchange...

More later...

Best Stitches,

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  1. Hope you have a fantastic time!
    Please post pics when you get back. :)