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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Retreat - Part 2

Yesterday was a busy day.  Janie and I got to Shepherds Bush to get in line at 9:30 AM for their first day of open house.  We met some new friends from Texas and Colorado while we all waited ever so patiently for the doors to open promptly at 10...well...10:10.  👏

We did a lot of damage to our pocket books the first trip to the store (yes, I said first trip to the store).  We then headed to lunch at our favorite place, Roosters Brewing Company with Tamara, Lisa, Margaret, and Claudianne.  Janie and I shared our favorite appetizer, the What a Crock, that we discovered on our trip here two years ago.  

Jill Rensel's studio was our next stop.  I brought a couple of samplers with me to have framed, and Janie ordered a frame for a small piece that she found while shopping earlier in the day.  We go back up today to pick that up.  My samplers will be shipped sometime around or after Christmas (my Christmas presents to myself). ❄️

We headed up to Rainbow Gardens for a little local shopping, then back to Shepherds Bush for round two of shopping.  It's nice to go back when there aren't as many people in the shop.  

After a rest stop at Starbucks, dinner was spent at the Union Grill with our lunch buddies as well as Rabbit and Diane from the Buffalo, NY area, and one of our teachers Jeannette Douglas.  

About 12 hours later, we arrived back at our home base at Janie's Mom's house and had a very good nights sleep!!  Today we head up to Park City to check into the Canyons for the official start of the retreat part of our trip.  🍁🍂🎃

More later...

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  1. Sounds like a fun time and good food.
    Have fun!