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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Some Finishes

I've had a busy few weeks getting some projects done so I could send them off to be finished.  I've also been to one of my favorite antique malls to get another REALLY good deal...so I'll get started.

A couple of months ago, I ventured down to the Shadeland Antinue Mall and got a really good deal on some Fostoria at 40% off as well as a vintage Strommen Bruk Hamar sewing chest.  These typically go for $100 and more with shipping on eBay.  This one had a price of $35 and was in excellent condition...so it found a new home here.  

While I was there, I spotted a couple of maple side chairs that caught my eye, but with the sewing chest and a few choice Fostoria pieces in hand, I decided to pass.   They have stayed on my mind these last couple of months, so I ventured down there this past weekend.  They were still there and the booth owner happened to be there while I was looking one of them over.  They are Tell City Hard Rock Maple side chairs that I was able to make a little bit of a deal for the pair at $27 apiece.  They were well cared for and a steal at that price.  Again a new home and a very happy lady I am.

As far a needlework, I follow Faye Riggsbee's blog as well as on Facebook.  She is also known as the Carolina Stitcher.  One day while surfing her blog, one of her recently finished pieces caught my eye.  I immediately ordered the pattern (Frakture Angel) rom Lori Brechlin's Etsy shop (aka Notforgotten Farms) and contacted Faye to save me some of the fabric she used for the piece.  I stitched up as fast as I could so I could send it off to be finished.  Being the economical person that I am figured, while I'm paying for shipping, I might as well send 2 projects.  So I finished up Cinnamon Heart from Threadwork Primitives and sent that along as well.  Normally, I do my own finishing, but I do know my limits and zippers and hearts are not among them.  Here are the finished pieces.

Cinnamon Heart (left), Frakture Angel (right)

I love the fabric used for the lining of the project bag

I love how this looks on my antique dish cupboard

I also received another piece in the mail from another finisher that is a drum.  I saw the model at the Inspired Needle and had to do it just like the one at the shop.  Her finisher did such a perfect job at finishing it that I decided it was well worth the $$ to have it done.  

Facebook also gets me into a bit of trouble and I succumb far too often.  Recently I joined along with a new club from Notforgotten Farms called the Little Stitches Handwork Club.  Here is a sneak peek of the first piece I received.  It will be finished into a little ditty bag.  This one I will do myself and will post a picture once I am done.  

Best Stitches,


  1. Lovely stitching and perfectly finished by both fine ladies.
    You did get a steal on the Tell City Chairs. I have a dining room set that was my mother's, it only had 4 chairs. My family is 6 and as we add friends to the mix, we soon run out of chairs. I just purchased 4 chairs that are identical to the ones I own off of Ebay. $199 with shipping is what I paid and thought I got a super deal. Two at $57 as a total is awesome!

  2. Lovely chairs and the needlework box looks like it will hold so much. Beautiful stitching and finished wonderfully.

  3. Sue, great find in the sewing chest. I have that exact same one! Found mine at an antique store too. Love it. I did the same with the Fraktur angel chart. Half to have it but still need to send to Faye. You stitched it up fast! It is in my to do pile.

    Saw that you go to Utah for the SB retreat. I have never been to that one but would love to go some year.

    We haven't chatted in awhile.