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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Fling 2014

On Saturday, I posted a bit of a hint of what was going on this past weekend.  I attended my first Stitchville USA Spring Fling with my friends Janie and Kate.  Janie and I began our travels from Indiana at 6:30 AM in the heavy rain, heading north to Aurora, IL to pick up my friend Kate on our way to Chaska, Minnesota.  While the rain was a bit of a nuisance, our mail goal was to arrive in the Minneapolis area before the big snow arrived.

Fortunately, Kate had just purchased a new car the week before, which as luck would have it was an AWD Nissan Rogue.  This came in handy for the trip to the north where they were expecting between 6 and 12 inches of snow. 

We made a quick stop on our way at the Norske Nook Bakery and Restaurant where my friend Cathy Boyd had told us had the best pie. 

We took ours to go, and picked up an extra piece for Cathy - their pie of the month which was their Blackberry Sour Cream.  While I did not get a picture of Cathy's pie (you can see what she received here  http://needleandthread.blogspot.com/, I did take a picture of mine.  I love a good peach pie and theirs did not disappoint!

We arrived in Chaska just as the roads were starting to get a bit dicey.  This is the picture outside of our room.  They ended up with about 8 inches of snow overnight which was fine as we did not need to leave the hotel until the weather warmed up and the snow melted off. 

This was the view outside of the restaurant where we ate most of our meals. 

They have the best meals I have ever had at a retreat or conference.  All meals were serves buffet style, with lunch and dinner service having the most delectable mini desserts.  It was so nice to have just a taste of a few, rather than having one large portion that you typically get at a restaurant. 

More to come later about the main reason for the trip - the class and the shopping!

Best stitches,

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  1. I wondered if you were one of Cathy's "Indiana Friends" :)
    I must say those desserts look DIVINE! and peach pie...totes my fav!