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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mary's Sampler II, Part 4

I am all finished with the fourth installment of Mary's Sampler.  I am stitching the 2nd version as there are more elements to stitch and it is more densely packed than version 1.  

The weekend of the 12th was a busy weekend.  One of the local shops, Always in Stitches hosted it's first retreat.  We arrived Friday afternoon about 3:30 and left Sunday morning about 11:00.  The retreat was held at the Flat Rock River YMCA camp in St. Paul, IN.  It was a retreat for quilters, knitters, crocheters and needleworkers.  It was a gorgeous weekend and a beautiful setting.

We had the main lodge for stitching all day and evening.  The first photo is the deck that overlooked the pond, river and woods.  The third picture shows 1/2 of the interior where we spent our time stitching, chatting and relaxing.  Plenty of natural light and each table had access to electricity to power our lights and sewing machines. The other 1/2 (behind me) was where we ate our meals.  The last picture is our cabin that had bunks for 24, but they kept it to 6 per cabin.  There were 3 rooms in the cabin so we split up into 2 each with more than enough room for all of our "stuff".  The other great thing about the cabin was air conditioning...YES!!  The worst thing...the water.  I haven't smelled sulfur water like that since I was a kid.  Not something you really want to shower in.  Needless to say, that was the first thing I did when I got home.  

I had three goals for the retreat.  Resume work on "Three Ships" from Shepherds Bush - check.  

As you can see only a portion of the words are finished.  Over one is not the thing to do during a retreat...too much frog stitching.

Second goal was to start "Autumn Blessings" from Shepherds Bush - check, check.

...and the third goal was to start on my name tag from La D Da, her limited edition kit from market.  Check and mark.  All I have to do is stitch my name.  Not all of that was done at retreat.  The majority of the stitching on the name tag was done at home.

Happy Stitching all,

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  1. I didn't know Always in Stitches had a retreat!!! Wow, sounds like you had a great time! The Hoosier Stitchers will be at the library in Noblesville this Saturday if you're available.