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Friday, September 28, 2012

Shepherd's Bush Retreat 2012

Janie and I drove up to Ogden to Shepherd's Bush Tuesday for the Birthday Open House and Wednesday for the Retreat Open House.  Suffice to say that we did our best to help the economy with these trips.  www.shepherdsbush.net

We also stopped at Jill Rensel's studio on Wednesday for her open house and so I could buy a couple of mats for 2 of my Shepherd's Bush samplers.  They are absolutely gorgeous and well worth it.  Fortunately we had the address and my GPS because the only sign that it was her studio was a tiny little sign on the glass by the door.   http://renselstudio.blogspot.com/

All along the streets of Ogden are these beautifully painted horses.  This is one outside of the Red Rooster where we had lunch.  http://roostersbrewingco.com/

One of Jill Rensel's staff recommended this place along with their signature appetizer - What a Crock.  It was a combination of eight different cheeses, roasted garlic, artichoke heart, crab and spinach.  It was garlically delicious!

We said a fond farewell to Janie's Mom, then headed up the mountain to Park City to the retreat resort where we met up with our friends Tamara and Lisa.  We are staying in a really nice 2 bedroom condo with one of the bedrooms being it's own little mini suite with a kitchenette and double doors with their own locks.  Janie threatened to lock me out of the main suite if I didn't behave. 

Thursday we visited the retreat shop and did more damage to our pocket books.  There will be alot of show and tell when we return. 

We registered and received our welcome packet in the afternoon which included a very nice bag that we can individualize with a selection of motifs that were designed by each of the retreat designers. 

At the end of the afternoon, each of the designers presented the piece that they will be teaching.  This is a teaser of the Shepherd's Bush sampler that we will be taking the class on Saturday.

Thursday evening was the "Great Cookie Swap" which included various make it and take it smalls for our sewing tin. 

Friday morning was our first class with Charland.  It is a lovely Christmas themed stitcher's roll.  This is the front of the case.  I have finished the piece from the last retreat and this one will be even more of a challenge to assemble than the last one. 

This is a picture of Charland and her daughter Sidney displaying the inside of the piece.  This is Charland's last retreat and we will miss her greatly.  It has been a privilege to take classes from her.

  Well, that's all for now.  We have another ckass this evening with Cici from the Thread Gatherer, then 2 more classes tomorrow - one with Tina and Teri from Shepherd's Bush, and one with Paulette from Plum Street Samplers. 

More later - Sue and Janie

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  1. Thanks for lovely posts on your trip!
    Yummy food and stitching-can never go wrong with that:)
    Love the Charland needlebook, very pretty and elegant.
    Greetings and Take care,